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The objects of the Society shall be as follows: 

  • To represent and promote equality of the LGBTQ+ community of Lethbridge and Southern Alberta.
  • To mobilize individuals to address and create positive change for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • To promote and build the capacity of the LGBTQ+ community within Lethbridge and Alberta.
  • To support research that enhances the experience of the LGBTQ+ community of Lethbridge and Southern Alberta.


The primary way that YQueerL addresses topics is through its caucus/standing committee structure. A caucus can quickly and easily be created through a motion of YQueerL’s Board of Directors. Guided by the Board of Directors, a caucus is formed around a particular topic or concern (e.g. YQueerL Caucus: Sports & Recreation). A standing committee is, for the most part, is a caucus, lead by a Chair. All Chairs of standing committee automatically gain a seat within the Board of Directors, increasing the capacity and diversity of YQueerL.

~~Addressing the Unaddressed~~

YQueerL’s work focuses on the unmet needs of the LGBTQ+ community of Lethbridge and Southern Alberta; whether that is organizing sports & recreation to advocating for political action, YQueerL can mobilize to address any topic. Working to not duplicate services, YQueerL works to grow a robust and dynamic LGBTQ+ community.

~~Creating a Caucus~~

Creating a caucus is an easy, 4-step process.

STEP 1: Develop Terms of Reference (the central task/topic that the group will address), and appoint a Chief Officer.
STEP 2: Review of Terms of Reference.
STEP 3: Pass Official Motion
STEP 4: Welcome the Chief Officer as a member of the Board of Directors (In the case of a Standing Committee)

~~Succession from the Society~~

YQueerL endeavors to grow the capacity of Lethbridge’s and Southern Alberta’s LGBTQ+ community, not just the clout of the organization. In upholding this stance, the Society has adopted Article 9 – Succession from the Society. This article allows a standing committee to expand and continue its work beyond the scope of the Society, to secede from YQueerL and blossom into its own Society.

The YQueerL Logo

Multiple YQueerL Logos based on flags

Some examples of possible flags are:
Top (Left to Right): Asexual, Genderqueer, Bisexual, Non-binary.
Bottom (Left to Right): Genderfluid, Trans, Aromantic, Rainbow.

All organizations have a central event that caused it to be created, for the YQueerL Society for Change it was the frustrated question “but where do I go?” With this question in mind the Society branded itself with a compass. The compass, traditionally an instrument containing a pointer showing north, used to find bearings. Altered to remove directional signifiers, recognizing that LGBTQ+ people are not bound to follow a prescribed direction, that our compasses may have a different True North setting. Our compasses are about navigating the complexities in our lives, gender, sexuality, are but one piece of this complexity. Most commonly inlaid with the rainbow pride flag, the symbol of YQueerL can appear with a background of any flag of the LGBTQ+ community, allowing for the flexibility of the Society to be represented within its primary symbol. Through the Society’s symbol, when the question of where do I go is uttered, our compass will always lead to the answer of “here.”

Meet The YQueerL Board Members.

Derrick Antson
Derrick AntsonCo-President
Derrick Antson has a Master of Advance Studies in Peace & Conflict Transformation and a Bachelors in Philosophy. He believes that this background equips him to deconstruct the secrets of the universe, while his husband often jokes that it just equips him to win arguments.

A proud dog-dad to two beagles, a volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross, and a Trustee with the Lethbridge Public Library, Derrick lives his life out and proud bringing a sense of humour and style to everything he does.

Devon Hargreaves
Devon HargreavesCo-President
Devon Hargreaves is Co-President and founding member of the YQueerL Society for Change, as well as leading the Caucus on Conversion Therapy, advocating for a ban of this practice to minors in Canada.

He also hosts a regular internet radio show on Jess FM called YQL ExPress in which he and his co-hosts discuss political issues facing Canadians, as well as regularly organizing other events around Lethbridge.

He previously served as Chair of Lethbridge Pride Fest (2016-2018), with a combined 5 years on that board. Under his leadership they won the Downtown Event of the Year for 2017 along with numerous other nominations both for the Society and himself, such as Celebrate Downtown Champagne Award.

Drea Kemp
Drea KempTreasurer
Drea Kemp was born in Fernie, BC where she was adopted at the age of two. Her adopted family exposed her to a variety of culture, including art, music, literature, computers and nature. She studied Business Administration and New Media Communications at the College of the Rockies in Cranbrook, BC. Shortly thereafter she had two beautiful and amazing children.

In 1999, Drea became a partner with a media firm and began her dream career of Information Technologist (IT) and Computer Programmer. After seven years of long and hectic hours, she lost her passion for computer work and began working for an insurance company where she still works to this day. During this time she became a coach for life issues, helping people set and reach goals for their personal well being.

Drea always knew who she was, but began her transformation in 2003. She maintained her secret since birth, terrified that the truth would be discovered. However, in late 2017, she permanently stepped into the woman she was always supposed to be and is now finally at peace with herself. Her hobbies include games of all kinds, Life Coaching, IT and computer programming, writing, reading, astrology, tarot and the outdoors. Currently, she volunteers with Lethbridge Pride and is the Treasurer for YQueerL the Society for Change.

Dr. Jennifer Davis
Dr. Jennifer DavisBoard Member
Dr. Jennifer Davis has a PhD in Psychology from McMaster University. She has a long career teaching and conducting research at the post-secondary level and is a past recipient of the Lethbridge Pride Academic Excellence award. She also coaches junior roller derby in her spare time.

Her advocacy work centers around trans issues, especially the needs of trans youth.

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