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Project Description

“Think of the children”

The YQueerL Caucus for Trans Children’s Issues shall focus its efforts in advocating for the improvement of the treatment of Trans Children by institutions at the Municipal, Provincial and/or Federal level

Ban Conversion Therapy

Parent Social Action Group

Beginning January 20th, 2019
Sundays, Bi-Weekly: 2-4pm @ Lethbridge Public Library
Free Childcare | Snacks | Transportation Costs Reimbursed

Interested in becoming a better advocate for your trans/gnc child? Already an advocate/activist, and want to help support other parents of trans/gnc kids in your community?

Join other parents of trans/gnc children who are (or want to become) advocates for a series of Social Action Groups, focused on empowering parents in advocacy.

Participants work with trained facilitators to learn modes of parental advocacy empowerment, including: learning more about trans/gnc identity, identifying goals, barriers, and community concerns, and developing an action plan with other parents. Parent participants will set the agenda, and parents will not be required to attend every meeting.

These social action groups are a part of the Research Project “The Emergence of the Transgender Child: Parents, Politics, Social Change,” supported by the YQueerL Society for Change, and funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).


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